After Sales


60 day money back guarantee, 6 year product warranty and DPCHIP New Vehicle Engine and Driveline Warranty. ‘Click Here’ for more detailed information.


There is no need to service the DPCHIP. The electronic components never wear out. The only possible thing that can be looked at on the DPCHIP may be a software update. This only happens very rarely. If you are unsure feel free to contact us.

Vehicle changeover - ONLY if you are the original DPCHIP owner:

Manufacturers use a range of fuel systems such as Bosch, Delphi, etc. Depending on your vehicles’ injection system type, only if you are the original owner of the DPCHIP, you may be able to move your DPChip over to your next vehicle. Only if your DPCHIP is compatible with your next vehicle can we offer you an upgrade service. This service may include:

  • A different harness
  • ‘Custom’ software change for the different vehicle type.
  • The relevant installation instructions.

Contact us to find out if your DPChip can be moved to your next vehicle type.

Second Hand DPCHIP:

With an ever increasing access to services and products online has also come the pitfalls of buying Second Hand Chips. This convenience of ‘a few clicks and it’s delivered to your door’ has somewhat insulated the online buyer from the usual concerns of “Buyer Beware” when buying Second Hand items.

There are many sad stories of used car yard rip-off’s selling a ‘Lemon’ car and all the problems with it. The consumer in the end gets stuck with big repair bills and sometimes an ever unreliable car. So the same story and warning must apply if you’re considering buying a Second Hand Chip online. We have seen many a sad story related to Second Hand chips and it sometimes ends in a sad and expensive way.

Example:- Online seller states, “Oh the chip was on my Prado and I’ve checked that it can be fitted on your Hilux mate!” Famous last words in that case! The guy that bought that Second Hand Chip thought that because the engines are the same he’d be fine to improvise and install it on his Hilux. He connected it all up and his Hilux wouldn’t start. After much scratching his head he called us and it soon became apparent that whilst the chip could be taken across from the sellers Prado to the buyers Hilux he improvised on the fitting and crossed wires and blew up the engine computer in his Hilux. $3000 later who pays for that?

Please be aware we do not support second hand chips.


With this ever ‘Open Trading World’, we also see the bad of side to this ‘Free Trade’. One downside to this in particular is the lack of protection for manufacturers and consumers from copy products. Countless times we have had customers send chips to us for service only to find out that, in fact, they don’t have a DPCHIP. There are some very unscrupulous companies out there, in particular ones that lurk around the Online World making all sorts of claims when in fact they have a product infringing copy-write Laws. The sad thing for us all is that the Law has little or no way of catching these companies to protect consumers. If you are buying a chip please remember there is ‘Only One Genuine DPCHIP’.

Click here for more information on Fake DPCHIP.