With this ever ‘Open Trading World’, we also see the bad of side to this ‘Free Trade’. One downside to this in particular is the lack of protection for manufacturers and consumers from copy products. Countless times we have had customers send chips to us for service only to find out that, in fact, what they sent us was not a DPCHIP. There are some very unscrupulous companies out there, in particular ones that lurk around the Online World making all sorts of claims when in fact they have a product infringing Trade Mark Laws. The sad thing for us all is that the Law has little or no way of catching these companies to protect consumers.

After recently attending the Auto Parts Trade Fair in Shanghai I was reminded of the fact that EXACT copies of well-known brands are everywhere. When I say exact I mean exact. These copy companies are openly exhibiting their products alongside the ‘Genuine’ ones to prove they are ‘just as good’. It’s very sad to see this lack of respect for companies Trade Marks and products. I am sure you all know the brand of light below. The top two images are the copies which look identical to the ‘Genuine’ product in the lower image.

Fake ARB - LED Real ARB - LED

Other popular branded auto products have gone to lengths to try and expose these copies. Luckily at times they are poor copies and easy to expose BUT at what cost to the poor company being copied! An interesting read about Snorkels is http://www.dont-get-burnt.com/