The only plug-in diesel tuning device in the world that is so safe we can guarantee you 60 days money back, 6 years product warranty and DPCHIP backed new vehicle engine and driveline warranty!

With over 65 years specialising in diesel we’re pretty confident we know what we’re doing. When we designed the DPCHIP we had one overriding requirement that had to be met besides power and torque gains and that was ENGINE SAFETY. There is absolutely no point fitting something to your expensive diesel vehicle, no matter how good the gains or what benefits, if it results in engine damage. Even one breakdown can cost a fortune with common rail injectors costing around $1500 each! It’s just not worth the risk. While there are many cheaper chips available on the market and many that will claim higher output it can be easy to get carried away with all the hype and forget that when you most need it, engine reliability is more important than anything else. Why would you risk putting a cheap device on your expensive vehicle? Would you also put on cheap tyres and cheap suspension? How about cheap backyard repairs or even worse, cheap fuel? All those things are available and if that is what you are after then we would respectfully say that unfortunately we don’t think our product is suitable for you. On the other hand if you value your vehicle and like to fit the best and safest products to it in order that it will reward you with a long trouble free service then the DPCHIP is just what you are after.

We wont make crazy claims of 50% more power or 20% better fuel economy. Anyone making those claims is either lying to you or tuning to an absolutely crazy and dangerous level. Despite claims of some products being safety conscious through the use of exhaust gas temperature monitoring we would have to wonder why those expensive added safety features are needed in the first place if you are not tuning to dangerous levels to begin with. It’s kind of like saying you can eat all the unhealthy food you want and when we start to see health issues arising we will cut back on the unhealthy food. A bit late then don’t you think? I guess that’s why, despite their claims of safety, in the fine print they warn their product is for ‘racing or off-road use only’. Always read the fine print!

Other devices claim to cut back the level of tuning, by only 1% per second too I might add, if you hold full throttle. “The cutback occurs when the module senses 100% throttle input (foot flat to the floor) and is done at a rate of 1% per second for 50 seconds, so if youve been flat for 50 seconds the module has cut back to 50% of the original power upgrade, ie 20% increase cuts back to 10%. The module resets when the throttle returns to less than 50%.” Huh? Just crazy and dangerous! Again, there is no need for that if the tuning is safe to begin with. In our testing facilities we have tested all the other products available on the market and the one we tested that made these claims in fact didn’t cut back fuel loads at all, even after full throttle for 5 mins! Air fuel ratios were dangerously high to achieve the power gains so you can imagine the long term damage to the engine with a device like this. I guess that’s why they don’t offer a new vehicle engine and driveline warranty like we do.

The DPCHIP is designed with safety in mind first and foremost and then a good power and torque increase as well. The last thing you need when you’re out in the middle of nowhere is to have an engine issue caused by dangerous tuning. Why would you risk your expensive vehicle and your precious holiday time with anything less than the best. DPCHIP is so safe it’s the only diesel tuning device in the world that comes with new vehicle engine and driveline warranty. Not some 3rd party insurance like a few other companies now offer to try to compete. No strings attached. No need for Exhaust Gas Temperature monitoring, safety power cutbacks or other nonsense. DPCHIP is designed to be so safe that you can run it in your vehicle for the life of the vehicle without problems. We guarantee it!

Added peace of mind comes through our 60 day money back guarantee. Yes that’s double the usual 30 day money back that most people give. We also have a 6 year warranty on the product itself. No other company in the world can match these class leading warranties.

How does it work? Why is it so safe? The DPCHIP modifies the vehicles factory system signal within the ‘allowed tolerances’ programmed into the vehicles factory computer. If the DPCHIP were to alter these signals ‘outside’ the built in tolerances allowed by the vehicles factory computer then the engines ‘safety mode’ would activate and stop the vehicle well before any damage could ever occur. This is the reason why tuning with DPCHIP is so safe and reliable for your vehicles engine. The vehicles factory computer continues to safeguard the entire engine control system and our tuning is never set at a dangerous level.

Some other devices allow the user to tune completely as they wish. DPCHIP has a manual user adjustment so that even further power gains can be had but even at maximum you can rest assured the level of tuning allowed never reaches a dangerous level. Devices that allow the user complete control over tuning may seem like a great idea but how many people really know what they are doing when it comes to diesel tuning and in the end if you were completely comfortable and capable with tuning your own EFI diesel you wouldn’t need our expertise in the first place. The problem with these devices is that the end user can accidentally enter the realm of dangerously high tuning or can alter parameters that may cause engine damage in the long term. Once a problem occurs with these devices you have no comeback to the manufacturer for any damage caused as essentially you the end user have programmed the tune and so the chip seller is no longer responsible for any damage you have inadvertently caused. Again, always read the fine print and use common sense when assessing what’s available and why.

You’re welcome to try other devices, if you’re willing to take the risk and gamble that they wont damage your engine. We’re sure you wont find anything better the DPCHIP. With our pedigree in diesel, having worked exclusively on diesel since 1956, we are confident DPCHIP is the safest and best product in the market today. That’s right, we are not resellers or former petrol tuners or LPG gas fitters who have decided to dabble in diesel tuning, we don’t sell or fit winches or bull bars or other aftermarket products, and we don’t even bother with general mechanical work. We are diesel specialists and have been consultants to the diesel industry working on every type of diesel engine from cars to trucks to large stationary diesel engines and ocean going ships. Our experience and reputation in the industry is unmatched and we are the first port of call for troubleshooting problem diesels. We consult for manufacturers and trouble shoot the problems their engineers can’t find or fix so we are very confident in our diesel tuning knowledge and abilities and confident that the DPCHIP is the best product available today. We’re sure you’ll be confident too once you fit one to your diesel and experience the power gains with peace of mind that it is completely safe.

Explore our website and look at the information available. Make an informed decision and please do read the fine print on other products websites as we’re sure you’ll be surprised at the hidden caveats and legal jargon many of them use. You’ll notice we don’t have any fine print and are happy to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and our over 65 year reputation as diesel experts with the claims we make about our product. When you are ready feel free to click on the ‘buy now’ button and select your vehicle and we will have your plug and play DPCHIP shipped to you via overnight express. Within 15 mins or so you will have it fitted and be able to enjoy trouble free driving and experience the pleasure of the power and torque gains that DPCHIP delivers.

Safe Driving!