Diesel engines are the standard for serious marine applications due to their well known reliability, economy and power. Diesel engines are common in everything from small pleasure craft to large work vessels.

When you fit a DPChip you can improve the performance of any EFI marine diesel by up to 35%. If you own a diesel powered boat there have probably been times when you've wished you had just a bit more power. The DPChip can improve power and torque making it easier to get up on the plane or travel through heavy seas. Every boat owner will agree that owning a boat can be expensive. Fuel costs and engine maintenance are often the greatest ongoing expense for any boat owner.

With a DPChip you can improve the efficiency of your engine leading to better economy and less engine wear. The DPChip can be fitted by anyone with general mechanical abilities or at one of our nationwide distributors and allows you to have superior control over your engine. Manual or laptop adjustments can be made to further increase your power or alter engine parameters to suit your specific needs.

  • The DPChip is available for a range of marine engines.
  • Essentially any EFI diesel engine can benefit from fitting the DPChip.
  • Improved performance through optimisation of various engine parameters allows you to experience the full potential of your engine without expensive modifications.
  • Torque is improved giving you an improved power band.
  • This allows your engine to run more efficiently and can lead to improved economy.

The Mercruiser Range of Engines are well known for their reliability and performance. Now the full potential of this engine can be achieved with real time tuning via DPChip. We recently spent a day on the water with Ken Evans from Mercruiser Australia. We fitted the DPChip to a number of Sea Ray boats with Cummins/Mercruiser and MAN engines with excellent results.

After fitting the Cummins/Mercruiser Engines and the MAN engines with the DPChip the most obvious difference was in the ability to get up onto the plane.The boats really lept out of the water with the DPChip fitted and top speed was increased in each case. At cruising speeds the fuel economy was improved greatly.

Torque was also noticeably improved.

The most obvious improvement was the ability of the boats to get up onto the plane much more quickly with the DPChip fitted than they did in standard form.

Fitting the DPChip to the Cummins and MAN engines is a simple plug and play.

SeaRay Sundancer 48 being fitted with the DP87Ma Marine DPChip.

The QSB 8.3L 540 Engine

Without DPChip 208Litres per hour, 28.8Knots, 2600rpm.

With DPChip - 210Litres per hour, 30 nots and 2700rpm.

Without DPChip, Cruising at 2000rpm, 118Litres per hour and 18 knots.

With DPChip, Cruising at 2000rpm,111Litres per hour and 18.4 knots

The QSB 8.3L 500 Engine

Without DPChip - 195 Litres per hour,28 knots,2500rpm

With DPChip - 188Litres per hour, 29.2 knots, 2600 rpm

Sea Ray Sundancer 60 with twin MAN engines.

Without DPChip - 2370rpm, 34.9 Knots

With DPChip - 2400rpm, 35.3 Knots

The Volvo D4-260

A top-of-the-line, in-line 4-cylinder diesel engine with electronically controlled common rail fuel injection, 4-valve technology, turbo, aftercooler and mechanical compressor. 3.7 litre displacement in compact size.

It produces 260hp (191KW) at factory standard.This can be increased substantially with a DPChip.And the plug for fitting the DPChip on the Volvo is easy to access.

Mercruiser, MTU, Iveco, Volvo and many other makes of EFI diesel engines can be fitted with this simple plug and play device that greatly improves performance.

DPChip can be manually adjusted for more power or adjusted via laptop to suit your particular engine or performance needs. DPChip is also transferable between engines. In many cases it is simply a matter of unplug when you sell your boat and take with you to fit into your next EFI diesel boat.

Everything from large working vessels to smaller pleasure craft can be fitted with a DPChip and experience the improved performance this device can provide.

The full potential of your vessels engine can be realised through real time tuning and control over various engine parameters. Hourly fuel consumption rates can be reduced due to improved performance and more efficient use of your engine and gearing. Contact us to find out what a DPChip can do for your engine now.

Smaller boats can benefit from the power increase available with the DPChip. When fully loaded, a smaller boat can often struggle to make headway especially in heavy seas. The DPChip instantly increases power and torque and can substantially improve your boats performance, especially under load.

Larger boats can also benefit from a DPChip through improved power and economy. Performance can be improved by up to 35% and fuel economy by up to 10% leading to big savings.