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When it comes to the performance of your 4WD, more goes into it than just making as much power as possible. Performance is about getting every component in the 4W0 working together, creating a package that is reliable, economical, and powerful all at once. And while many mechanics claim to know what they are doing. ¡t makes sense to book yourself into a performance specialist if you feel your vehicle isn't working to its full, potential.

Queensland-based Prodyno has been repairing and modifying 4WDs for longer than they care to remember, and have built a solid reputation in this time.

More than just a tuning specialist, Prodyno offers a complete range of services such as diesel power upgrades, performance upgrades on both petrol and diesel vehicles, as well as complete logbook servicing.

One of the best things about the team at Prodyno is that they specialise in work on 4WDs. This means they're equipped to handle any mechanical task you can throw at them. As they are 4WDers themselves, they understand the importance of reliability. This saves time troubleshooting. and gets you back OA the tracks sooner. We caught up with Brad from Prodyno to take a closer look at what he can offer 4WDers. After all, there’s nothing better than knowing your 4WD is performing to its best ability, especially when you need it most.


Diesel engines have come a tong way in the last decade, both in terms of power output and technological advancements. Brad recommends three things when it comes to performance upgrades on modern diesel 4WDs, all of which will, benefit in more than one way.

“First of alt, you need to get your engine breathing, Brad says. We start by fitting a new exhaust system comprising of larger diameter mandrel-bent pipes. which allow exhaust gasses to escape the engine quicker. The next thing we do is get the engines breathing better with the use of performance intake mods such as snorkels. cold-air intakes, and high-flow air fitters.

“Lastly. the use of a programmable engine control modules such as the OP Chip, which allows us to tune your engine to suit the modifications for the best outcome. It's not uncommon to see an additional 18—25% more power and torque, while getting S—9% better fuel economy in the process.”


Prodyno offer tuning solutions that take the guess work out of selecting the right product for your 4WD. “We oiler a range of performance chips, exhausts, intercoolers and turbo systems, providing increases in performance, economy, and reliability.” said Brad.

When tuning on the dyno, Brad and his team use the latest diagnostic and test equipment. Pyrometer and boost levels are also recorded during every test, which safely and reliably measure your vehicle’s vital signs. For owners of modified 4WDs, Prodyno also offer upgraded turbos for pre common-rail, diesel, and petrol powered 4WDs.

“Expertise in the field allows us to custom- tune modified 4WDs,” mentioned Brad, “especially those with retrofitted power plants such as Holden LS, and Ford V8 engine conversions”. All aspects of aftermarket and factory computer tuning can be handled in-house, thanks to Prodyno’s knowledgeable staff. “Best of all, being enthusiasts ourselves, we are always happy to discuss your current or future projects for the best results”.


Keeping your 4WD in tip-top mechanical condition is one of the best ways to ensure it is working to its potential. Regular servicing not only protects vital components from damage, it allows everything to work smoothly a it should. This is why Prodyno offers comprehensive vehicle servicing, as weLt as performance upgrades.

Everything from Logbook services to EFI diagnosis and transmission services can be tackled under the one roof. As well as this, Prodyno offers injector cleaning and cooling system repairs and modifications. Complete brake system overhauls are another speciality, which is reassuring after undertaking any performance enhancements.

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