Company Background

The Diesel Power Chip - DPChip - is an AWDTech product, backed by Berrima Diesel Service.

We are Australia's premier diesel service centre with 60 years of experience in the diesel automotive industry. We have been working exclusively on diesel since 1956. Reinhard being trained by Bosch in Germany then sent to Australia as a specialist trouble shooter and then working on diesel trucks, large diesel ships and a variety of other diesel engines. We have been recognised world wide by automotive manufacturers for diesel development knowledge and expertise. Because of our technical knowledge and practical experience we provide outstanding customer support and product backup.

We are be able to solve any problem or performance need you have with your diesel.

Berrima Diesel Service began exploring the possibilities of diesel performance tuning modules approximately 15 years ago. Some initial experimentation was done and some custom built tuning chips were made. Quite probably the first EFI diesel tuning modules used in Australia, these early Diesel Power Chips were a specialist product at the time, however the results from fitting these to various vehicles was evident and the interest in diesel tuning chips grew. AWD Technologies was formed as a division of Berrima Diesel in order to further develop these powerup modules as well as other cutting edge automotive products. Through vigorous testing and practical experience the tuning chips were refined and a few years later it was decided to develop a tuning module that could increase power and torque, be pre-programmed for various diesel engine types and even be fine tuned to a particular vehicles needs.The DPChip diesel performance tuning module was born. The circuitry is manufactured in Germany to the highest German engineering standards and then shipped to Australia where each DPChip is then assembled by hand. You can be sure you are receiving an automotive performance product that is the equivalent of a Swiss watch when you purchase a DPChip. The all important programming is then performed so that the module and software is setup to our specific standards for Australia's environment and fuel quality.

Each DPChip is assembled and programmed by one person, not by an assembly line. This ensures you are receiving the highest quality product custom built and tuned for each specific vehicle type. Be wary of mass produced chips which use a scattergun approach of one size fits all. Over a dozen different parameters are fine tuned and set by us during initial programming to ensure a perfect balance between performance and durability when you fit a DPChip. The DPChip gives you total fuel and fuel timing control which is essential to obtain the best possible fuel economy and also necessary to control peak exhaust gas temperatures for optimum engine durability.

Our product development is ongoing and in the past 10 years our range has grown to support over 1200 vehicles. Our specialised tuning software and programming to each specific vehicle type has been developed through testing in all conditions, from the open highways to the rugged outback of Australia. Development continues today with expansion into the agricultural, construction, truck and marine diesel fields.

We now have distributors throughout Australia and Asia and support them with training and technical support so you can be assured of the highest quality, expertise and product support wherever you find see the DPChip name.