Diesel Cars Owners Can Now Unleash The Power Within Their Engine With A Dpchip.

You'll be able to take full advantage of your diesel's power and torque to give petrol car owners a real run for their money as you leave them in the dust. From the over 500Nm of torque that the DPChip can give to the Audi A6 to the 30% extra power the DPChip gives the already zippy Golf V 1.9L, you'll be impressed by the improvement in overall performance. Overtaking times become reduced and the extra torque gives you that power when you need it, especially if you have a few people on board.

The Added Power And Torque Means Gear Changing Is Needed Less Often.

On winding mountain roads, and on the undulating sections, you'll find your car can hold top gear for much longer. Similarly, after slowing down for corners, you can plant your foot from very low revs and pull away whereas without the DPChip this would require a downchange. Less gear changing, along with not having to put your foot to the floor to get going, can result in big fuel savings over time. DPChip optimises the entire engine map, altering both fuel and fuel timing, resulting in a more efficient running engine. You'll be glad you've fitted a DPChip when you fill up at the bowser as even a few percent better consumption can add up to big dollar savings over a year.

More efficient use of the fuel system and correct fuel timing are important factors not only for achieving the best economy but to control peak exhaust gas temperatures for optimum engine durability.

Be wary of similar European products that only alter fuel volume and not fuel timing simultaneously. They are also only calibrated for Europe's much cooler operating conditions. Only DPChip is developed and tested in Australia. Only DPChip alters the complete fuel and timing mapping to keep peak engine temperatures down and is calibrated for Australia's harsh conditions, poor diesel fuel quality and high air temperatures.

DPCHIP Is User Adjustable.

If you have modified your vehicle with aftermarket enhancements such as larger intercooler, larger diameter tyres, larger exhaust then the DPChip can be fine tuned to get your fuel system working in conjunction with these enhancements to achieve their full potential for your vehicle.