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The DPChip is available for a large range of EFI dieselengines including those used in agricultural and construction machinery. From the Case MXM series of tractors through to John Deere, Massey Ferguson and New Holland we have a DPChip available for every EFI diesel tractor or construction vehicle. If it's an electronically controlled diesel then the DPChip can give you more power right throughout the rev range and more torque low down where you need it .

Any EFI diesel engine can benefit greatly from the improved performance available with a DPChip. When you fit a DPChip you’ll notice not only additional power and torque but an improvement in fuel economy and general engine efficiency as well. The DPChip optimizes the entire engine map by independently altering timing and fuel. Accelerator, air mass and load readings are accurately used by the DPChip to calculate and deliver the alterations to the engines own signals with digital precision and speed. Reliability and durability are also improved as your engines fuel system runs more efficiently. Not having to overwork your engine can also lead to the added benefit of increased engine life.

john deere results

Typical Results John Deere 8.1L Common Rail


John Deere1710D

The machine gets an increase of 15 % for torque and horsepower. There is a fuel savings depending on operation.


John Deere 6320

A John Deere 6320 (std 100 Hp) with common rail was tested in a test bench. The dyno was attached to the PTO. The engine was under full load and pulled down to a pre-determined rpm. The engine was then working for 15 min under that load and the fuel consumption was measured.

Standard - 87 Hp - 22 L/Hr

With DPChip - 111Hp 24L/Hr

Conclusion Horsepower gain 28%

Fuel consumption/Hp was lowered with 15 %


At 118 horsepower the 710G is a big backhoe being all-wheel drive, and 15,000 lb. loader breakout force, it's more like a cross between a 4-wheel-drive loader and an excavator. It has a6.8Litre 4V Common Rail EFI diesel engine and in standard form gives roughly 118hp (88kw) @ 2200rpm and a maximum of 532 Nm. The DPChip has been able to improve this output by approximately 18 – 22%. You’ll really notice the difference straight away and particularly when traveling. Driving up a hill with attachments in the main bucket you’ll notice more pulling power and the DPChip will make the going much easier. More power is delivered throughout the rev range. Power is delivered lower down and this produces a more progressive power gain without sudden surges or drop-offs. You'll find it easier to dig when you hit hard rock or clay. When you plug in the DPChip the improvement is noticeable immediately.


If you're a farmer you'll be familiar with the heavy loads of harvest time and the strain these can put on not only the vehicles but also your time. Towing a fully loaded hopper bin or other heavy piece of equipment can really be a chore at times. Similarly, when ploughing in heavy conditions it can be a real struggle to get going. With the extra power and torque provided by the DPChip you wont believe the improvement in your vehicle. Towing becomes much easier and your vehicle will be able to maintain comfortable cruisong speeds when driving in undulating conditions. Throttle response is improved giving you finer vehicle control at lower speeds and you'll find the DPChip delivers the goods when constant low rpm torque is required such as on long steep uphill gradients.


Not only will your driving become smoother and more pleasurable but improved efficiency can also lead to improved fuel economy. With a conservative driving style the DPChip is able to deliver up to 10% better economy which can lead to big dollar savings over the course of a season or job.

DPChip is available for a huge range of EFI diesel tractors, farm machinery and construction equipment.

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