What is DPCHIP:

DPCHIP is available in a Plug'n'Play Module or ECU Tablet to access, tune and exploit the full potential of modern EFI diesel engines. Individual Module programming or ECU Tuning of the engine management system enables these simple to fit devices to increase power by up to 25% and torque by up to 35%. DPCHIP alters fuel, timing and air characteristics to create safe, smooth, yet powerful, gains.

Multi-Map Technology

DPCHIP-X uses advanced Injector control technology. The DPCHIP-X range is precisely tuned to deliver optimal injection maps for selected Common Rail Diesel vehicles. DPCHIP-X can also be custom tuned and configured to suit modified vehicles, including additional signals like boost pressure, or air mass volume as needed.

DPCHIP is fuel efficient and SCR, AdBlu and DPF friendly

DPCHIP, DPCHIP-X and DPCHIP ECU Tablet tuning are Engineered to conform to the vehicles legal, predetermined emission values. Fuel efficiency is maximised throughout the rev range which means it can safely be used on vehicles with SCR, AdBlu and DPF.

Adaptive live tuning

DPCHIP is tuning live as you drive. The DPCHIP uses an Adaptive Live Tuning System which constantly monitors all relevant engine data. In real time the DPCHIP detects the vehicle’s current load state as well as multiple other parameters and adjusts in real time to provide more power as needed. If the situation demands more power, for example, when towing up-hill or overtaking, the system will automatically adjust to suit the load state and other unique driving conditions. If the additional power is not needed then DPCHIP will adjust accordingly, always providing the most efficient tune for the specific engine state and driving conditions via seamless and dynamic power changes.

Adaptive sensor system

DPCHIP ‘learns’ the unique characteristics of your vehicle. During a short ‘learning’ phase, the DPCHIPs memory function records the engines injection cycle data and optimises the reloaded maps accordingly. Standard vehicle tolerances are taken into account to give you the optimal tune in real time. There’s no need for you top adjust anything as the DPCHIP is doing the adjustments live as you drive.

Superior Safety

DPCHIP is super safe, that’s why we’re confident in providing a new vehicle engine and driveline warranty. DPCHIP continually monitors the ECU’s signals to the engine and never over-rides these. The protective functions of the ECU, as well as air fuel ratios, remain intact and within specification, ensuring complete peace of mind. DPCHIP never tunes beyond what the original factory system would consider safe.

User adjustment as needed

As well as adaptive live tuning, DPCHIP allows you to choose between 3 different program styles: Power, Performance and Eco. You can adjust the DPCHIP to your specific driving style. Each program has further fine tuning with 3 levels up and 3 levels down available in each program. So, you can leave the DPCHIP to tune for you as it is always doing via it’s adaptive live tuning, or feel free to adjust DPCHIP to find what suits your driving style best. Either way, DPCHIP will never over-ride the inbuilt factory safety systems, so you can make adjustments without ever having to worry about having a problem with your engine.

Inside the DPCHIP:

DPCHIP is protected by a Heavy Duty Vibration and Water Resistant ABS plastic molded housing. The control board utileses compact surface mounted processor technology. The DPCHIP uses Dual processors (model depending) that control multiple channels digitally. All connection pins are Gold plated. We are so confident in the reliability of DPCHIP that we offer a class leading 6 year product warranty.


Depending on the application, more than 90% of DPCHIPs sold are simple Plug & Play using OEM plugs to connect safely to your vehicles existing wiring. These systems generally take under 20 minutes to install. Some older model vehicles may require a wire-in harness to be installed. These systems may take an hour to install. Each DPCHIP comes with easy to follow detailed and illustrated fitting instructions so you can fit it by yourself.

How does DPCHIP Tune?

Each DPCHIP tunes with digital accuracy adding additional information to your engines original signals. The DPCHIP works with the vehicles' computer to further fine tune the Fuel and Timing of the engine for More Power and Torque. This increased Power Band can lead to safer driving and potentially better economy.


The result will vary from vehicle to vehicle but the main ‘seat of the pants’ difference will be a wider Power Band resulting in slightly lighter throttle needed. Improved pulling power is noticed instantly. Most users report improved fuel economy due to less gear changing and no longer having to ‘flog’ their vehicle when towing or working hard. Power is improved right throughout the rev range.

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DPCHIP is designed with safety foremost in mind. Your vehicles’ existing engine Safety Modes are left ‘intact’ so you can rest assured your engine is completely safe. DPCHIP is the ONLY tuning device to offer a “DPCHIP Factory Backed New Vehicle Engine and Driveline Warranty” on vehicles still covered by their own Factory Warranty. Supported by The Diesel Experts you can rest assured your engine is completely safe.


60 Day ‘No Questions Asked’ Money Back Guarantee, 6 Year Product Warranty, DPCHIP Factory Backed Engine and Driveline Warranty for the duration of the vehicles existing Factory Warranty.

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