Diesel 4WDs could be considered to be the modern workhorse of the nation. From farmers to tradesmen to offroad enthusiasts the diesel 4wd is a popular choice thanks to it's reliability and durability. With the advent of turbo charging and new diesel technologies like common rail these vehicles are no longer the old tractor engine they used to be. A common complaint however is the lack of power and torque compared to a petrol vehicle, particularly when loaded. The DPChip diesel power chip instantly solves this problem so you can have the power and torque you've always wanted in your diesel without sacrificing the durability or fuel economy you are used to.

The DPChip is available for all EFI diesel 4wds and independently alters both fuel and fuel timing to optimise the entire engine map. More efficient use of the fuel system and correct fuel timing are important factors not only for achieving the best econonmy but to control peak exhaust gas temperatures for optimum engine durability. Be wary of similar European products that only alter fuel volume and not fuel timing simultaneously. They are also only calibrated for Europe's much cooler operating conditions.

Only DPChip is developed and tested in Australia. Only DPChip alters the complete fuel and timing mapping to keep peak engine temperatures down and is calibrated for Australia's harsh conditions, poor diesel fuel quality and high air temperatures.

DPCHIP is adjustable. If you have modified your vehicle with aftermarket enhancements such as larger intercooler, larger diameter tyres, larger exhaustm then the DPChip can be fine tuned to get your fuel system working in conjunction with these enhancements to achieve their full potential for your vehicle. Each DPChip comes preset to your vehicle for a factory standard vehcile there is no need for further adjustment.

If you modify your vehicle, for example with larger intercooler, larger exhaust etc, then the DPChip can be adjusted to get the full benefit of these modifications. A larger exhaust will do little on it's own to an electronically controlled diesel unless the fuel system is adjusted (via a DPChip) to take advantage of the extra air flow.

The benefits to 4wds include:

Each DPChip comes with detailed illustrated fitting instructions with many models being a simple plug & play fitting with original adapter plugs.

  • Easier overtaking and towing. DPChip improves acceleration for safer overtaking. Improve safety by reducing your time on the wrong side of the road when overtaking. Makes towing, particularly up long hills, much much easier. DPChip will effectively give you about 1 1/2 gears better.
  • The DPChip really proves itself offroad, especially where momentum needs to be maintained, such as sand, mud and snow. It will also assist where constant low-rpm torque is required such as long and steep uphill gradients. Maintain comfortable cruising speeds when towing in hilly or heavy conditions such as sand, snow or muddy ground.
  • Impoved fuel economy. You will find less need to change down gears and if you are towing a heavy load you will find you no longer have to put your foot to the floor and hold it there to get going. The DPChip gives you the power and torque you need, right throughout the rev range.
  • Improves throttle response for finer vehicle control in low range offroad situations.Realise the full potential of your vehicle modifications from improved acceleration after installation of larger diameter tyres to even more power when you fit a larger intercooler or larger exhaust.
  • Improves 4WD performance in all terrains from the desert to the high country.

Fine tuning a DPChip fitted commonrail hilux during road testing.

You might be a tradesman carrying a load of tools and equipment, a traveller with a caravan or offroad trailer, towing a horsefloat or a boat or just enjoying the bush tracks for the day or the city streets at night. Whatever you use your 4WD for you will benefit from the extra power, torque and improved economy when you fit a DPChip. Contact us now or your nearest distributor to order your DPChip today.